» Important business development moments – Milestones

1992: The concept was to build a unique complex in order to provide memorable accommodation.

1995: Alexandra Natalia Aparthotel launches operations in touristic sector providing three independant apartmnets for accommodation, targeting the Italian market.

1999: Launches the German market in cooperation with multiple agencies.

2004: Launches the Dutch market in cooperation with Evenements Reizen.

2008: Launches the first official website providing direct booking services to prospective customers.

Since its establishment, Alexandra Natalia Aparthotel has hosted more than 3.000 guests, providing a frinedly and quite environment.

Alexandra Natalia Aparthotel provides best services and promotes the well known and unique Greek Hospitality.

The Ancient Greek concept of hospitality

The Greek god Zeus is sometimes called Zeus Xenios in his role as a protector of travelers. He thus embodied the religious obligation to be hospitable to travelers.